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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Card Making Day!

I know that I have been posting a lot of pictures using Digital Stamps or digis and I wanted to take a moment to explain what they are and how they work.  Digis are illustrations by artist (like Mo or Dustin) and in my personal opinion they allow for more creativity than traditional rubber stamps (which I still love). 

Digis are easy to use.  Once you have purchased the digi stamp that you like, you can color them using a variety of different mediums, such as Copic markers, CTMH markers or even crayons.  If you want to see some beautiful creations using digis,check out and go to Mo’s Digi group.  The ladies that are apart of that group really create some awesome cards using digis.  This isn’t to say I don’t, but they are my inspiration.

You can save your digis on your computer and use them over and over again.  They are very easy to store,  which is another benefit compared to rubber stamps.  Another benefit is the versatility of digis, which you can see by looking through my gallery.  Again, I still love my rubber stamps and actually a lot of artist that started out creating just digis are now creating rubber stamps, so it’s all about your preference. 

Happy Card making!

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, just opportunities for creativity!

If you are interested in trying out digis before purchasing them, check out Elizabeth Dulemba website where she offers free images.  NOTE:  Make sure you read her “Angel Policy” before downloading the images.

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Sue Nelson and I

Sue Nelson and I
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