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Saturday, November 21, 2009

City of Auburn Hills Craft Show

Greetings all!  Today I had a table at my first craft show.  I have to admit I was nervous.  I make cards and people tell me how creative I am, but I don't see it sometimes.  However, today I realized that I may very well have some talent. *smile*

I had two gentlemen stop at my table and purchase cards from me.  Not women...but men.  The first gentleman was so enthusiastic about a card I did years ago when I was in my "sewing on cards" phase.  He picked the card up and put it down twice before stating, "I just have to get this card."  He purchased that card as well as another card.  His reaction to my cards made me feel even more passionate about making cards.  The other gentleman came to my table with his wife and he spotted a card that had two bears "just married" on it.  He too picked up the card up and then put it down.  He eventually walked away without buying the card.  I was use to this because everyone seemed to being doing this all day. However, he came back as I was contemplating packing up and calling it a day.  He asked if he could purchase that card and would I put it in a bag for him.  I did.  I believe that his wife will eventually be the proud recipient of that card.

Today, I learned that although some people may not like what I create...I have talent.
Today, I learned that friends are priceless...simply priceless.
Today, I learned that God works in mysterious ways (okay, I knew this but he reaffirmed it for me today.)

I will post pics of some of the things I sold today (JuliAnne the ornaments) later.  I am wiped out.

Happy card making!


There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity.

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