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Friday, April 8, 2011

ADFD New Release - Fancy Pants


TGIF and ADFD new releases!!  Isn't it funny how we abbreviate everything now.  I imagine when my little seven year old niece is my age (in 30 years) it will be an oddity to speak in complete sentences and write complete words.  lol  They will create a new language that consist of only acronyms. 

Anyways, this week Tammy has created images that may make you blush. *gigl* However, immediately I thought that some of them were perfect for a Breast Cancer Walk scrapbooking fundraiser that I am attending in a couple weeks.  I was asked to create tentcards for this event and Tammy's images will work with them perfectly.

Here's the new release images...

It's funny that she titled them "fancy pants," because that is a term my co-worker uses for a pair of pants I have that are bejewled with rhinstones on the backside.  *gigl*  I stopped wearing them for fear that all that bling made me look like a walking jewerly store. LOL!  Okay, sorry I's my creation using one of the images.

Head over to the store and pick up some of these images.

Thanks for looking...

Remember: There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

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