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Monday, December 5, 2011

We all FALL down...


I am going to post everyday this week to see if I can do it. lol  Today I bring you a couple cards with the theme of "Fall."  Not necessary the season, but the action of falling.  I was playing around with some digis and wanted to capture the act of a feather dropping or a boy jumping and the following are what I came up with.

I took a slightly different approach with each image.  With the ADFD image above of the boy jumping into leaves, I had to do a little cropping to just get the boy by himself without the leaves.  Once, I had the little guy isolated, I lightened him up a couple times and staggered him on the page.  I then colored him up, affixed some cool leaf paper from SU and walah!  He looks like he took a running start for those leaves and I captured him mid jump. lol

With the feather (not sure where I got this from) I just lightened it up and made it appear to be floating down.  I could have added one more feather up above, but for some reason working in 3s worked for me.  I lightly colored the leaf and added a cinnament designed by ME! 

In order to create this illusion of falling, copy your image 3 times (or how many times you like) in MSWord.  Next you want to change the color of two of your images as illustrated below.  This change in color makes the image appear that it is just leaving a trail as it falls.

This is the same thing you would do with a rubberstamp.  Stamp the image first with enough ink on the pad and then as you go along stamp it on an extra sheet of paper to remove some of the ink before stamping it on your cardstock.  Well, anyway this is a neat little trick I discovered (you probably already know about it), but for those of you that didn't know you should give it a try.

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in cardmaking, only opportunities for creativity!


  1. Love the look! And these cards! They look amazing!

  2. Wow these are absolutely brilliant!!! Lovin' that technique!! xx


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