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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow snow go away...


come back on a weekday!!  This is my mantra after I woke up to snow and more snow.  I figure if it snowed during the weekday, perhaps I could get a snow day!

I've lived in Michigan all my life, but I still can't get use to the cold or the snow.  Here's a couple of pics of my front yard.  It is gorgeous to look at, but havoc to drive in. :-)  Enjoy those of you who don't often see this...

Now I'll get to shoveling...

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  1. Hi Candy - GRRREAT profile pic! and thank you for sharing the pics of the snow. I grew up in Indiana and now live in Virginia. While we got a lot of snow here last year, it will never compare to the snow back home and I miss it!! You're right, though, it's no fun to drive in :)


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