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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twisted Triangle Tutorial Card


Wow, what a mouth full!  I recently made a card for CDAC's embellishment challenge, which Create with TLC sponsored.  If you are not familiar with CDAC, go check it out.  It is a fun place with lots of cool digi companies.

Well, a lot of people asked me for the tutorial for this card so I have put one together for you.  However, I must say that this card wasn't birth from my creative imagination.  I actually had a tutorial to make a star-shaped card and I totally misread it and ended up with my twisted triangle card. lol  I keep looking for the link to the star-shaped card, because it is cool, but can't find where I got it from.  I really must learn to print things off the computer, but I don't like to kill trees if I don't have to and unfortantely, it wasn't in  a printable format.  Anyway, I said all this to say that my card was inspired by the star-shape card and I don't want the owner of that card to think that I was stealing their idea.

The tutorial I came up with is slightly different from my pic below, because I was designing from memory (and I wanted it to be distinctly different from the other card). lol  There are so many possibilities for the finished project of this card.  I will try to post another card using this toot this weekend.   I created two cards using the directions of the tutorial and they worked well.  I will caution you that when you are scoring the tips, make sure that your cardstock is aligned properly or else your scoreline will be crooked.  In the card below,  I used ribbon to hold it close and to serve as the stopper for the sentiment or image. 

If you would like the tutorial, please email me at (put TTToot in the subject line).  I would love to see what you create and if you find any glitches in the instructions, please email me and let me know.

Please don't share this toot with anyone, but instead have them email me. :-D 

Now get to creating...

Remember:  Be nice to crafters...we carry sharp items and we know how to use them!!


  1. Love your card! Would love your tutorial. Judy x

  2. Gorgeous card, I've seen one very similar that folds into a star by interlocking have been looking for a tutorial for measurements, I've emailed you for the tutorial,
    I've also joined as a follower,


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