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Monday, May 23, 2011

NettieG's In Childhood Fantasy Challenge


What's your fondest childhood memory?  Mine would be playing with my sisters up in our attic (we had a HUGE attic) and I was the teacher and they were my students.  We would have a blast up there. :-D  Anything to do with learning is what I fantasized about.  I would spend hours and hours on adventures in books.  I imagined going to the places I read about when I was older. 

Nettie G would like you to recall a childhood fantasy and use it to inspire your creation.  I chose "Shawn" because he reminded me of my fantasy to go on adventurers.  The sentiment I used was written by me a while ago and it states,

"Do not follow in someone else's footprints.
Instead follow in their shadow and create your own footprints." ~ME

I wonder at what point do we stop fantasizing about adventurer, fun, and all that gave us joy as a child?  I would venturer to guess that it was probably when we paid our first bill.  Having to fork over money has a way of making you face reality (at least some of us).  lol 

Oh well, the rules of this challenge is that you can use any image you like..and you recieve 1 entry in the drawing.  However, if you use Nettie G's images, you 2 entries in the drawing or use either of the 2 featured images..and you get 2 entries.  The winner of the challenge will recieve a Nettie G image.  If you win the challenge using Nettie G's image, you win 2 images.

So, dust the cobwebs from your brain and recollect your childhood memories and join us for the challenge.  Don't forget to share in your blog post what your childhood fantasy was.

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunties for creativity! ~ME

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  1. Fabulous post gf! I loved playing school with my little bro in the basement, so I can totally relate!! Love your card, too - awesome colors and papers and just adore the quote that you used as a sentiment. Love it!


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