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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Create with TLC


I hope your Tuesday is going well.  I am enjoying mine. :-D  It's 90 degrees and the sun is shining.  Mean old asthma isn't enjoying it, but I am thankful that it isn't snowing, raining or something along those lines. :-D

I want to show you a bunch of fun creations I made using either wordart or images from Paulette over at Create with TLC.  I use so much of Paulette's awesome creations in my work that I sometimes forget to share them.  I know shame on me.  *gigl*

Okay, this first creation is my Twisted Triangle card (if you would like the toot, email me at  I used Paulette's "You're Grape" set.

This creation was made using Paulette's awesome doilies that she was giving away as freebies on her blog.  I cut the doily up and layered it (I have a toot for this as well if you are interested, email me).  The little picture in the corner of my creation shows you the layers.  I made 4 layers; however, I could have gotten 6 or 7 layers out of it.

These creations were made using Paulette's awesome Subway Art Blocks.  They are so versatile and fun to use.  I colored my blocks in, but you could have just highlighted one section or left them all blank.  The quilt in the second creation is from Arielle over at Wax Fruit Company.  If you haven't visited her, you should.  She has some awesome creations!

These cards use Paulette's sentiments.  It amazes me how she always has something to fit what I need.  She is like the Wordart Whisperer. lol  The gnome image is from Mel Jen's Designs  and the yummy to my tummy cherry pie is from Wax Fruit Company.  I believe the balloon came as a freebie from someplace.  My apologies to the artist.  I have used it quite a bit lately (will tell you about that at a later time).  I truly love that card and the sentiment (as usual) is perfect.  Wouldn't like to get a card that is just for lifting your spirits?  I would. :-D

As you can see, I've been busy. lol  I really did these over a span of time, but am just getting around to posting them.  I do use Paulette's images/wordart a lot, because it is perfect for whatever I am making.  So hop over to Create with TLC and pick up somethings (leave some love if you are snagging freebies).

Whew!!  Okay, I am off to rest my hands.  Too much typing. lol

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in cardmaking, only opportunities for creativity!

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