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Friday, August 26, 2011

ADFD new release * Halloween *


Happy Friday everyone!  It is time once again for ADFD's new release.  Tammy has created some spooky, but cute images for everyone to play with and for my project I chose "Black Cats."  Since I don't celebrate Halloween, I decided to do something other than a card.  I have really been enjoying playing around with digital page layouts and especially the elements that come with the digital kits.  I haunted oops I mean hunted around for various elements to create my project below which involved a lot of layering...6 to be exact!

Here's my project using the new releases "Black Cats..."

Layer 1:  The black smudgy thing (technical term) is a scrapbook element from one of Scrapper's Delights kits.  I love to use SB elements on my creations.  I especially love these types of elements.  I think it adds a scene of depth and spookiness to the image.  If you recall, on my challenge/new release image last week I used a similar element (much lighter in color) to add color and texture to my little girl's dress and to the background of the card. 

Layer 2:  This a circle doodle which is a design element from a kit from Scrap Orchard.  I just colored it in to make it appear like the moon glowing.  I probably should have used a greyish color for the glow, but I wanted it to pop on the page.

Layer 3:  This layer is much harder to see, but it really adds to the image and that is a scary tree.  The tree is actually connected to the black border and I found it when I googled "spooky tree" clipart.  You can find a lot of neat stuff when you do that, but be careful that you are retrieving it from a safe site and that you don't try to make like you created it yourself. LOL!

Layer 4:  This is my fence.  Again, I could have changed the color of the fence; however, I wanted the cats, moon and border to pop and the rese to be background elemnents.  I wanted you to be able to know what it was without it overtaking the other cats which is truly the center of attention.

Layer 5:  This was suppose to be my cats; however, I forgot about the border which is another SB  element that I changed the color and nestled underneathe the tree.  I added this not just for color and texture, but because it made my page have a card feel to it.  I could easily copy this page onto cardstock, but it out and make a card out of it.  This marriage between scrapbooking and cardmaking elements is not only fun, but cost-saving as well. 

Layer 6:  This layer is my colorful cats.  Although I do not celebrate Halloween, I wanted to tie that in somewhere because that is what the images are all about.  I used the "new" Halloween colors and perched my kitties atop of the fence.  Now, these cats are perfect for paper-piecing and I have some ideas for them, but I think this is another way to show them off.  I think they are adorable, eventhough I have never seen a purple cat before.  If I did, I would buy it and I'm a dog person.  :-)

Well, here's my project and to get these adorable kitties and so much more head over to the ADFD store.  Don't forget to enter our TWINE challenge taking place right now.  You can easily combine twine with these images or any others that Tammy has in the store.  We would love to see what you create.  Also, check us out on FB, PCP or CDAC!!!

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making (or scrapbooking); only opportunities for creativity!


  1. It looks fantastic Candy! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  2. You have BLOWN me away! I have a new interest in coloring digital stamps and Ive even bought some MiC backgrounds with the intention of merging them. But you've taken it a step further and it is AMAZING. (and I don't normally talk in capitals). I can't wait to go back in your blog to see what else you've done. Hi from Australia, xx


Thank you so much for your sugar sweet comments! :-)

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