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Friday, January 28, 2011

T.G.I.F.- ADFD New Release: Custom Photo Stamps


Thank God it is Friday!  This week seemed to buzz right by and I am not complaining!!  *giggl*  I am pooped and look forward to the weekend.  Today, I have something that is SUPA KEWL to share with you.  Yes, I know that those words are spelled wrong, but what I am about to show you warrants such madness! lol

Tammy over at A day for Daisies has released a "Custom Photo Stamp" service today.  This service will be offered (starting today) at ADFD and over at her etsy shop too. She'll be offering a promotion on them this week (Friday thru Friday).  If you buy a custom photo stamp design, you get a free 5$ coupon to use at the store!

Now you are probably saying, "Custom photo stamp...what's that?"  Well, it's amazing, awesome and sure to be a must-have for everyone.  It is actually a custom digi stamp of any photo you have.  Yes, you just send Tammy your photo...she works her magic (really uses her talent) and *poof* she sends you back this...(not the card...just the image) ;-)

The image that I used is called, "Charlotte."  This is not a picture that I submitted to Tammy, but this image was so adorable I just had to make a card using her.  I will show you next week how I colored my image that Tammy created for me.

Anyways, you do not want to miss out on this opportunity...pull out your favorite pic...head over to the store and put your request in.

Make sure you check out the awesome digis that the DTs have made too.  They are awesome!  What a talented group of ladies. 
Now get to digging out your pictures...
Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!


  1. Beautiful card! I love all the elements you used to layer!

  2. Wow, that is a must-have! Thanks for the tip! And love your card.


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