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Friday, May 27, 2011

ADFD new release and challenge #19

Happy Friday!!!  Today is the new release and challenge for ADFD.  Tammy has outdone herself once again and have presented us with some GORJUSS creations.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the sketch challenge, it was a blast.  The challenge that begins today is add a splash of color to a black and white design.  Here's the release images and my creation...

There were so many possibilities for these gorgeous images and it wasn't until I read the name of the image, that I decided on what I wanted to do.  I chose the "Orange Lady" to make my creation; however, I didn't know that was her name when I chose her.  lol  I used one of the gorgeous flowers on the inside of my card.  Orange isn't a color that I work with often, but my last card turned out to be orange and now this one. Could orange be my new purple? Nah!

Also, this card reminded me of and orange were my school colors. I really love how this turned out and will definitely have to snag some more of these. :-D

Well, here's my creation and I would love to see what you come up with so head over to the ADFD store and snag one (or all) of these beauties and join us for our black/white with a splash of color challenge.

Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weeknd...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twisted Triangle Tutorial Card


Wow, what a mouth full!  I recently made a card for CDAC's embellishment challenge, which Create with TLC sponsored.  If you are not familiar with CDAC, go check it out.  It is a fun place with lots of cool digi companies.

Well, a lot of people asked me for the tutorial for this card so I have put one together for you.  However, I must say that this card wasn't birth from my creative imagination.  I actually had a tutorial to make a star-shaped card and I totally misread it and ended up with my twisted triangle card. lol  I keep looking for the link to the star-shaped card, because it is cool, but can't find where I got it from.  I really must learn to print things off the computer, but I don't like to kill trees if I don't have to and unfortantely, it wasn't in  a printable format.  Anyway, I said all this to say that my card was inspired by the star-shape card and I don't want the owner of that card to think that I was stealing their idea.

The tutorial I came up with is slightly different from my pic below, because I was designing from memory (and I wanted it to be distinctly different from the other card). lol  There are so many possibilities for the finished project of this card.  I will try to post another card using this toot this weekend.   I created two cards using the directions of the tutorial and they worked well.  I will caution you that when you are scoring the tips, make sure that your cardstock is aligned properly or else your scoreline will be crooked.  In the card below,  I used ribbon to hold it close and to serve as the stopper for the sentiment or image. 

If you would like the tutorial, please email me at (put TTToot in the subject line).  I would love to see what you create and if you find any glitches in the instructions, please email me and let me know.

Please don't share this toot with anyone, but instead have them email me. :-D 

Now get to creating...

Remember:  Be nice to crafters...we carry sharp items and we know how to use them!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrapper's Delight Design


Today is hump day!!  Woohoo...two more days until the Holiday Weekend.  I definitely need the time off.  I have a pile of crafting toys that I want to play with.

I want to share with you a creation I made for Janice, the owner of Scapper's Delight Designs.  I've showcased some other designs from Janice; however, now she is selling digital stamps.  Yep, she has turned her colored images into beautiful digital stamps!  I am so excited for her, because I LOVE these images and have enjoyed playing with them. 

Aren't they simply beautiful?!!!  Well, I sure think so.  Here's a creation I made using the beautiful "Papillons Grace."

Okay, now that I have teased you...I must tell you that Janice is offering TWO free images from the Papillion Grace collection.  Just head over to her site and download them.  Don't forget to leave some love.  :-D

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Monday, May 23, 2011

NettieG's In Childhood Fantasy Challenge


What's your fondest childhood memory?  Mine would be playing with my sisters up in our attic (we had a HUGE attic) and I was the teacher and they were my students.  We would have a blast up there. :-D  Anything to do with learning is what I fantasized about.  I would spend hours and hours on adventures in books.  I imagined going to the places I read about when I was older. 

Nettie G would like you to recall a childhood fantasy and use it to inspire your creation.  I chose "Shawn" because he reminded me of my fantasy to go on adventurers.  The sentiment I used was written by me a while ago and it states,

"Do not follow in someone else's footprints.
Instead follow in their shadow and create your own footprints." ~ME

I wonder at what point do we stop fantasizing about adventurer, fun, and all that gave us joy as a child?  I would venturer to guess that it was probably when we paid our first bill.  Having to fork over money has a way of making you face reality (at least some of us).  lol 

Oh well, the rules of this challenge is that you can use any image you like..and you recieve 1 entry in the drawing.  However, if you use Nettie G's images, you 2 entries in the drawing or use either of the 2 featured images..and you get 2 entries.  The winner of the challenge will recieve a Nettie G image.  If you win the challenge using Nettie G's image, you win 2 images.

So, dust the cobwebs from your brain and recollect your childhood memories and join us for the challenge.  Don't forget to share in your blog post what your childhood fantasy was.

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunties for creativity! ~ME

Friday, May 20, 2011

ADFD New Release - Cinderella


I hope your Friday is starting out well. I woke up to a sky full of sunshine and some awesome warm weather. :-D

It is time for the new releases over at ADFD and Tammy is continuing with the fairtytale theme. She brings to you today "Cinderella." This is truly a classic and the storyline has been used over and over again in several different movies, tv shows, etc. Today I bring to you my creation using the new release image "Fairy God Mother." However, before I get to that I would like to share with you this funny pic my co-worker sent me that ties in perfectly (I think) with this week's images.

What a coincident, huh?  lol  Well, okay on to the business at hand.  There are several images in this set and to see all of them, you can visit the store

 For my creation, I created a diorama card.  These are really fun and easy to make.  I wanted it to appear that she was staring off at her Fairy God Mother with her mice friend's by her side.  As you can also see, I split the image as well.  You must check out the Design Team's creations because once again they have outdone themselves.

Don't forget to submit a card using one of ADFD's images for the sketch challenge that is taking place now.  You could win one of these beautiful images. :-D

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Monday, May 16, 2011

CS Designs Nature Color Challenge...


Today I want to share with you a creation I made using an image from CS Designs for their Nature Challenge over on PCP.  Chris, the owner is a real sweetie and I have been wanting to get my hands on some of her images for a while.  Well, recently she came out with these adorable Babushkas and during a blog hop I won one and then I had to have some more.  I have lots of ideas for these little cuties, but for this challenge I decided to do a hinge card.

As you can see the colors are yellow, brown and green.  This was a fun card to make and I was so happy that I could play with my Babushka finally. 

Thanks for looking...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Friday, May 13, 2011

ADFD New Release - Mucha Style Flowers - Sketch Challenge


Well, it appears that Blogger is back up and running (fingers crossed).  I want to quickly (in case it goes down again) the new release from ADFD and the sketch challenge for the new challenge.

Tammy has created these gorgeous flowers inspired by Alphonse Maira Mucha, which is one of her favorite artist. 

They are all so wonderful, but I decided to use the bachelor buttons for my creation.  If you know me, you know that I don't know one flower from the next with the exception of a rose and daisy. lol  This week we are using a sketch from the Deconstructed Sketch for our challenge. 

As you can see I kept it simple this time around (just some sparkle on the flowers) and my pearl beads.  I loved the simplicity of these flowers and really wanted them to shine.  Also, you will notice that my rebel (but not rebellious) came out and I put the sentiment in a different spot; however, I hope the positioning of my watermark made up for it. lol  Anyways, these beautiful flowers are a must-have so run on over to the ADFD store and snag them up and don't forget to come play with us over at the challenge as well.  Can't wait to see what you come up with.  NOTE:  Due to Blogger being down the challenge information may not be updated.  Please continue to check back.  Thank you!

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunties for creativity!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TLC Creations...


I hope that you are having a terrific Tuesday!!  Today I am going to share with you some creations I made using Paulette's awesome wordart/images.  You may have seen some of these before in different places, but I wanted to showcase them all here, because they attest to the versatility and creative genius of Paulette over at Create with TLC (and she knows this isn't to kiss up to her because I say it ALL the time). *gigl*

This creation was created using Paulette's Vintage background scenery and wordart.

This one features Paulette's awesome wordart.  I made this card to thank my car dealer guy, Mike, for his kindness and expertise.

This cutie is also Paulette's wordart and Mo Manning's "What's Cooking" girl.  

This image and wordart are both from Paulette.  This is from the "Learned from" collection which is the brother to the "Be..." collection. lol  I love the Wizard of Oz and I loved how this card turned out.
As you can see, Paulette's images and wordart are very versatile and will fit what ever you are creating.  So head over there and pick up a few and also keep a watch out because she is always offering great bundles. 

Speaking of great bundle buys, Paulette offers a Club of sentiments, wordart, and a little bit of anything else that pops in her head.  The Club cost is usually about $15 to join and you get a TON of goodies.  I've been a member of each club and she is gearing up for the Summer Club on May 23rd.  You don't want to miss out on this.  This is the best deal around.....21 days of digital goodies sent directly to your email.  This is perfect if your money is kind of funny, but you need a creative fix.  You can find out more yummy details here.

Okay, I have told you everything I know...what you do with it is on you. *gigl*

SIDEBAR:  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to all my newbie followers!!  My progressive blog candy still available.  Check out the deets here.  Oooh and I went to MegaMeet (huge scrapbooking convention) this past week and I have some yummy goodies to add to the pot.  When I reach 100 followers two lucky people will get to split it.  *hint hint* I would love to reach it by June 15th*hint hint* :-D

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Nettie G's "Everyday is Mother's Day" Challenge


This week Ms. G has given us two very adorable images to work with for Mother's Day, which is every day. Get your free digi to participate in our "Every Day is Mother's Day" Challenge HERE in the shop.

Choose Image "d." or Image "I.", from the Children's Section, as NettieG's chosen image for this Challenge. Enter your info into the Email Me Form, click Send Email and we will send your choice to you.

The winner using NettieG's chosen image (d. Or I.) will receive 3 prizes of their choice from NettieG's Digital Gems.

You don't want to miss out on this awesome opportunity to snag one of these adorable images. Here's my creation using image I.

The sentiment is a part of a poem I wrote for Mother's Day for my mommy. :-D Thanks for looking and make sure you join us for the challenge. You will not want to miss out on snagging this freebie and the chance to win 3 other images. :-D

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to all of you beautiful, wonderful mother's out there!!  While you are reading this post, I'll be spending the afternoon with my mommy.  Although, we treat her like everyday is Mother's Day (she's very spoiled and knows it-lol), me and my sisters have prepared a homecook meal for her.  She is truly an inspiration for me and I wouldn't be the person that I am without her guidance and God's mercy.  With the passing of my father over 11 years ago, my mother has been my father and mother and she has taught me so much and I am truly thankful for her.

I think that if you are blessed to have your mother with you still...hug her tighter, kiss her more, and tell her how much you love her as often as you can.  I learned that they never get tired of this affection. :-D  For those of you that no longer have your mothers with you, know that her legacy resides within you.  This  legacy is what you share with your children, friends, or even strangers.  Also, you can always adopt a mother too!  There are several elderly people in Senior Citizen's homes that have noone.  Just think how wonderful you would make them feel by stopping by with a Mother's Day card.  I remember being told when my father passed that God never takes away something that he doesn't give you more of.  I think we just have to have a open heart and mind to recieve it.

Well, again I pray that you ALL have a blessed Mother's Day and may the son shine upon you throughout this day.

Thanks for visiting,

Friday, May 6, 2011

ADFD New Release & Blogger Blues


Okay, I am so thankful that it is Friday, once again!  Weekends mean so much to me. lol  I had this post already to go for this morning and much to my dismay it did not work.  Aargh!!  Blogger seems like it is possessed with something, because it is telling me that I am not following any blogs and my scheduled post didn't post.  I will have to figure that out later, because I have to show you the wonderful images Tammy has created.

There's a lot, I know, but aren't they FAB?!!!  I chose to work with the last image this week and wanted to step out of my box and do something a little different.  Here's my creation using the Snowwhite image.

I took the image and split it in half to show off the beautiful detail of each section of this scene.  I also decided not to color it, but wanted to make the apply and the rose pop so I colored those red and added stickles.  I also added stickles to the apples.  I created the sentiment to go along with this artwork and I really love how it turned out.

You can pick the images up and see plenty more over at the ADFD store.  Also, you should sign up for the club, because it is packed full of yummy goodies.  I am headed overr to pick mine up...won't you join me?!!  See you there.  Don't forget to check out the other DTs awesome creations!!

Now get to creating...

Remember:  There are no mistakes in cardmaking, only opportunities for creativity!

Sue Nelson and I

Sue Nelson and I
2009 Rubber Stamp Convention