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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paper Piecing Toot

Paper piecing, not to be confused with paper piercing is a technique to add texture and dimension to your artwork.

When choosing a digi stamp to paper piece, the most important thing to consider is whether or not there is enough white space available on the stamp. I chose Mo Manning's "Harvey's Turn," which the towel makes for perfect pieceing space.

Before I move on to the next step, I would like to share a cost-savings spin on paper piecing. Instead of using actual dp I use digital paper (or MS Word backgrounds), which makes paper piecing even more easier. Simply follow steps 1and 2; however, instead of printing out a copy on cardstock and then dp, I select my digi paper (or MS Word backgrounds) and place it on the same page as my image. I then copy the image, make it translucent and place it on top of my digi paper background.

Color the parts of your image that will not be covered with paper, before you glue on the paper pieces.

Now that I have my images printed on cardstock and dp, I can cut out the “towel” section and match it up with that section on my colored image.

Once I have the sections matched up, I add glue to the back of the images and secure them in the right spots. I prefer to use Pinpoint Roller “Quickie Glue,” because it allows you to put glue on small areas which would be very difficult to do using an adhesive roller.

Finally, assemble your creation! Here’s what I came up with.


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Sue Nelson and I

Sue Nelson and I
2009 Rubber Stamp Convention