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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Scoop: Mo Manning Interview Segment 5


This is the final segment in Mo's interview.  I would like to thank Mo for this opportunity and to thank everyone who signed up to follow my blog as a result of these interviews.  I hope that you entered your name in the drawing for Mo's blog candy.  I will announce the winner here on my blog this afternoon.   The winner will actually be announced at the end of this month.  My apologies, my inlinkinz doesn't expire until then and wanted to give everyone a chance.  Thanks for participating. 

Here's my final question to Mo...
What is the one thing about yourself that you would want to share with your digi fans?

That seriously, as a woman who is deliriously happy just sitting in front of her drawing pad drawing with her two parrots screeching and a bowl of lemon drops nearby -- you guys have allowed me to have the best job I could ever imagine. Go ahead -- keep me here all day, 7 days a week!!! I don't mind! xoMo

I would like to thank Mo once again for allowing me to do this. I've learned that Mo possesses a contagious passion for what she does and we, her followers, reap the sheer benefits of it.

Thank all of you who have joined me this month to celebrate the artist behind the artwork, Mo Manning.

Now get to creating...


Remember:  There are no mistakes on card making, only opprotunities for creativity!

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  1. I enjoyed your interview with Mo. I LOVE her digi's and am amazed at her talent. Thanks,


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