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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Scoop: Mo Manning Interview Segment 1

As promised, today kicks off my interview with Mo Manning, the genius (yes, I think you are a genius) behind Mo's Digital Pencil Too and those awesome digi stamps we love so much! My first question to Mo was when did she realize that she could draw? I have always been curious about others' talents, because for so long I didn't think I possessed any. *gigl* Here's what she had to say...

Mo, when did you first learn that you could draw?

Mo: I don't think I ever learned that myself -- I just loved to do it. From the time I was a preschooler and used to draw on the interior pages of the encyclopedias. When I discovered those empty end-pages at the front and back of many of my parents' books, my mother kindly told me the printer left them there for ME to draw on. What a brave mother she was to tell her 4 year old that she was "supposed" to draw in these books! But I don't think I ever drew on any important pages -- or anyplace else I wasn't supposed to.

What would you say would be the characteristics that make an illustrator?

Mo: I think there are three main things that make an illustrator -- meaning someone who can draw.

1. A keen sense of observation and memory to keep all of life's little details at the front of your mind

2. good sense of spacial dynamics -- being able to imagine the same scene, figure or object in your mind from any angle.

3. And most importantly -- the driving passion to draw, draw, draw.

To find out more about the artist behind the art, join me next Sunday for "Sunday Scoop: The Mo Manning Interview."

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