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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Scoop: Mo Manning Interview Segment 4


This is the fourth segment of Mo Manning interviews.  I've enjoyed learning about Mo and I hope that you have too.  Don't forget to sign up to follow my blog and to enter your name in the drawing for the blog candy from Mo (see above).    The drawing will take place August 29th.  TFL!

Out of all the digis you created, which one do you love the most? Why? Have you ever created an image that made you say, “Wow that is good!”?

I actually have always had the habit that once something is finished I start noticing all the flaws in it. So normally, a drawing I do loses it's appeal to me over time. A few I still really like are Siku and Shiya, Patience, Soaking up the Joy, Mummu's Bicycle and all the tantruming two year olds :) I still can't believe I managed to draw a believable bicycle for Mummu -- from that angle -- with no reference!

Now get to creating...


Remember:  There are no mistakes in card making, only opportunities for creativity!


  1. I have just got caught up with the interviews and must say I have enjoyed the information. Mo is such a talented woman and I so enjoy her images and appreciate what she does to share them with all of us that can't "draw".

  2. I know! She is fab and so wonderful to allow me to interview her. I'm glad that you signed up. :-)

  3. Have been loving the interview's with Mo. She is unbelievably talented! I can't think of one of her images that I wouldn't love to own. Have my fingers crossed for the candy!


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